Facebook hun CRITICALLY INJURED after her inbox literally blows up

This Facebook hun was trying to sell some detox tea to her friends list when she was horrifically injured as her inbox LITERALLY BLEW UP.

In a similar manner to all of the other cultish MLM Facebook morons out there who seem to have trouble telling the difference between the words ‘literally’ and ‘figuratively,’ her inbox was the subject of a violent explosion.

As her Samsung Galaxy was in her knock off Coth Kadston clutch bag at the time, the resulting fireball has left her with a small patch of skin that is now seven shades darker than the Ronseal that she has applied elsewhere.

When are Facebook going to start taking action to stop more huns getting injured by incendiary inboxes in the future?

She’d better tell her friends to stop ordering her super duper detox tea for now. Their livers will thank them in the long run.

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These huns just peak vaguebooked

Vaguebooking. The art of Facebook posting just enough information to scream ‘ME ME ME ME’ without actually giving enough information away to start that much-anticipated turf war. 

These two huns seem to have got it nailed. ‘Can’t say on here PM me too many snakes etc.’

Does anyone else think it is time for Facebook to change their terms and conditions?

This sort of thing should become a bannable offence, mainly for the sanity of everyone else who is forced to read this shite.

Actually, let’s go the whole hog and make it a criminal matter.

Bringing the prison system to its knees would be a small price to pay.

Details or fuck off huns.

Hun rant has everything – drugs, violence, ‘noncing,’ arson, prison, pregnancy

Can anyone honestly top this?

‘Umungst’ eh? We looked it up, and it appears to be a small village in Macedonia that is famous for beetroot soup and tea towels.

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The ‘alternative’ timetable for the Conservative Party Conference has been released

The alternative timetable for the Conservative Party Conference has been released. 

It’s another classic from @TechnicallyRon on Twitter.

Source – https://twitter.com/technicallyron/status/914796694964981760

Another fine piece of work from this Twitter legend …

Check out his timeline for some more gems.

No wonder the security arrangements have been beefed up inside the Manchester venue – that Morris Dancing sounds like it could get out of hand.

Would it be like that episode of South Park when they managed to summon the ghost of Biggie Smalls?

The UKIP event had a load of people practically climaxing over a drawing of a Lion.

Meanwhile, the Labour Conference was just a massive room of people worshipping Jeremy Corbyn and scrambling to get Corbynmania merchandise.