When you don’t realise your company’s Twitter name means ‘semen-filled hole in the ground’

If you are going to launch a mobile deals app called Jisp, it goes without saying that you should be really careful when you set up a linked Twitter account.

Above all else, you should definitely avoid adding any letters to the end that would turn ‘Jisp’ into some sort of hole in the ground that is full of semen – that would just be plain nasty.

Unfortunately for the Jisp guys, they have failed and in turn have managed to create a Twitter name that means exactly that.

Welcome to @jispit everyone!

We get their logic behind the name, as you may see something while out shopping and wonder if it is any cheaper online.

‘I know what I will do. I’ll Jisp it!’

It doesn’t really matter what inflection or pronunciation you put on it. On every occasion is sounds like a lowered opening containing a healthy dollop of Harry Monk.

We even tried making a small adjustment and creating the two words ‘Jis’ and ‘Spit,’ but to be fair that didn’t do them any favours either.

Never mind.

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