The over 60’s need to be removed from Facebook for their own protection

This isn’t going to be a popular idea, but surely the time has come for the over 60’s to be removed from Facebook for their own protection.

It all started with low-level stuff like wishing their entire friends list a happy birthday by just posting ‘Happy Birthday’ on their own wall thinking that they are magically tagging someone, but now it’s all got more sinister than that.

After all, it has proved by scientists that people who sign Facebook comments with their full name are 65% more likely to enter their credit card details when they receive an email from the Burkina Faso branch of Santander Fraud Control Department.

Let’s just take a moment to think about their nearest and dearest as well who have to put up with chatting to them on Facebook Messenger and spend hour after hour watching the three dots at the bottom of the screen, to then be presented with a simple ‘OK.’

They keep this stuff private, but when they want to ask you about your recent  rectal exam they stick that on your wall by ‘accident’ in prime time just as everyone gets in from the pub.

Then there’s the inevitable phone call when they forget their password for the fifteenth time in the space of a month.

‘Why can’t it be ‘dog’ or something like that?’ they cry.

It’s a simple answer really. You don’t want someone getting into your Facebook and sending copious amounts of bestiality pictures to your cousin Flo in Canada.

Combine all of this with their habit for sharing photos from Britain First about animal cruelty with an undertone of white supremacy and surely it’s time to start setting an age limit.

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