Users of a popular Facebook mums group in Essex have come together and launched a petition to demand that the Internet launches a search engine. 

More than 100 members of Essex Mums, Mumming and Mummery have signed so far to try and force the Internet to devise some sort of online database that collects information from billions of other websites and then presents it all in a searchable index that is accessible on computers, mobile devices, televisions and other connected products.

The petition was started by Chloe Magoo who lives in Southend with her three young children Alfie, Alfie and Alfie.

She told our Chief Reporter that the lack of a search engine online means that members are often forced to post questions that ‘clog up’ the group.

Ms Magoo added: ‘Our group was launched so that mums could ask for advice about a wide range of parenting issues, but lately all it seems to be is ‘What time does Tesco shut?’ and ‘Does anybody know when Friday is?’

‘We are sending a very strong message to the leaders of the Internet that this is no longer acceptable.’

‘We demand that the big companies come together and launch some sort of facility where a few words can be typed in and a definitive answer can be returned within milliseconds if the user has enough phone credit.’

‘It will be fantastic for medical reasons as well. One of our members posted a photo of her baby’s skin condition the other day while looking for advice, and the 457 responses ranged from ‘eczema’ to ‘vertigo’ before she realised that she had confused her first-born with a Shredded Wheat.’

‘Having access to a search engine would stop all of this.’