A girl on Facebook has admitted that she has absolutely no idea why latest profile picture has had 4234 likes and 11543 shares.

Michelle Garridge uploaded the latest offering to disrupt her current pattern of rotating between the same five images on a weekly basis, and she told us that she is absolutely baffled about the popularity of it.

She said, ‘Maybe it’s because I took it in black and white and people can appreciate the true artistic integrity of the composition.’

‘Perhaps it’s the soft and hard patches of light co-existing with absolute perfect harmony to offset one another and force the viewer into a deep period of contemplation about the ultimate futility of existence.’

‘On the other hand, it might be something to do with the fact it looks like I have Right Said Fred down there and any right-minded heterosexual male is currently making ‘flooba flooba flooba’ noises while shaking their face from side to side.’