Police in Essex have issued a warning to all parents of young babies after a mother from Southend accidentally threw her baby into the sea while she was trying to take a photo for an inspirational meme.

According to witnesses who saw the incident on Southend seafront on Wednesday, a woman in her early twenties launched the infant more than twenty feet into the air while trying to create the perfect pose to persuade her Facebook contacts to sign up as a JuicePlus distributor.

A spokesperson for Essex Police said, ‘This whole incident shows just how dangerous the act of Internet memery has become.’

‘Not only was this mother putting her baby’s life at risk, but to make matters worse countless people could have viewed this meme on Facebook and chewed through their smartphone in a furious rage.’

A close friend of the woman who was involved told us that she was also considering using the final image to create a bespoke line of ‘Live, Laugh, Love’ canvas prints.

She said, ‘It was going to be part of a set with an accompanying photo of bare footprints in the sand, with the bare footprints being used to symbolise the concept of bare footprints.’