There has been a story in the news today about a mum who accidentally sent her son to his school nativity with an inflatable sheep sex toy, thinking that it was all part of a legitimate shepherd outfit.

According to her story, someone had inserted the poor, deflated hapless animal into the otherwise innocent package.

As far as I can see, there are two major clues here that should have set some alarm bells ringing.

First of all, little Baa Baa looks like the sort of hooker who you would usually see on Southend Seafront offering deep throat in return for a bag of chips and a couple of hot doughnuts.

More importantly, little Baa Baa also has a rather large hole into which a man could insert his eager, ovine-hungry cock.

I do have one theory. Perhaps the worker who put the whole lot together ready for shipping mistook the address for somewhere in Wales.