A primary school in Essex has been slammed over a text message that was sent informing parents that children would be visiting a Mosque for a Religious Studies visit so that they don’t grow up to be ‘gammon-faced Islamophobic lunatics.’

The message was sent last year by admin staff at Roy Walker Primary Academy in Frenulumbury On Sea – many parents have also complained about being charged £2 for the minibus as well.

However, Headteacher Dr Clive Gland told us that he doesn’t regret the tone of the message.

He said, ‘In the last year, we have had nine sets of parents who have withdrawn their children from Mosque visits.’

‘What do they think will happen? Five minutes talking to an imam and next thing they are waving a sword from the back of an open-backed Transit in Aleppo?’

One angry parent told us that he was ‘sick and tired’ of religion being forced upon his son by the school.

Nathaniel Fuch-Weet said, ‘My five-year-old visited a synagogue, and now he answers every question with a question and spends twenty minutes deciding if he needs a jacket before he goes out every morning.’