A social media network has been launched that is solely for twats who want to live stream themselves screaming at people in the street.

Nobr promises to provide a ‘free speech platform for all’ with automatic integration for Gullib.ly, the payment processing start-up solely for twats who want to monetise live streams of themselves screaming at people in the street.

Founder Perry Neum-Jones said, ‘Facebook has become a liberal, lefty paradise run by fascists who won’t even allow people to incite violence anymore. The world’s gone mad.’

‘Nobr lets users get straight down to business, and our smartphone app includes an automatic alert when you try and take a selfie video using the rear-facing camera while simultaneously looking at the screen.’

‘This is going to revolutionise democracy, and it even overrides the iPhone and Android spell checker for the ultimate in convenience.’

According to reports, one Nobr member has already ended up in hospital after he live streamed himself trying to follow an MP into a branch of Costa Coffee, failed to spot where the front door was, and then just head butted the window in an attempt to gain entry.

A witness said, ‘The poor guy had already been mistaken for a Lithuanian supermarket car park valeter because of his yellow vest.’