The banking giant HSBC has been slammed today on social media after releasing a commercial featuring the actor Richard Ayoade that includes a number of anti-Brexit messages.

The commercial finishes with Ayoade sitting at a desk, with the words ‘leave voters suck balls’ displayed in a frame on the wall.

A spokesperson for the bank said, ‘Well they do, don’t they?’

‘Loads of them bang on about ‘bloody foreigners’ and bank with us, but then again maybe they don’t mean the Chinese.’

‘They are probably talking about brown people or the French, apart from the one who was on Bake Off last year. Apparently she can stay.’

‘All we are trying to show is that the United Kingdom is a fantastic combination of some of the World’s most exciting and rich cultures, along with the Welsh.’

One Brexiteer said, ‘I will be closing all of my HSBC accounts at once and keeping all of my cash stashed in a Fray Bentos tin next to my ‘no deal’ survival kit of tinned foods and a metric to imperial measurements conversion chart.’